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Cosmo Kramer
Wrote answer 10 April 2016

Offer walls are pretty much what they sound like. Its where you present someone with a page full (a wall) of offers to choose from. Offers being ads that they can interact with in different ways.

You would use them to make money by driving traffic to them then having your visitors make you money by interacting with the ads. Everyone has a different strategy.

Avery Tate
Wrote answer 17 June 2016

The best I use the Offers wall script is to put in your blogs and website. I just paste it heading of my website or just paste the Offers wall script in to your blog about games.

Wrote answer 13 April 2016

Offer walls are used for desktop and mobile games, and Offer walls are also used for Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites.


In games, users are rewarded in-game or in-app points for completing surveys or installing new apps.


On GPT sites, users get points for completing surveys or installing apps. With these points they can cash out for items such as gift cards or a chance to win a Xbox. There are a lot of GPT scripts out there that you can buy but make sure whoever you buy it from will also set it up for you too.


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