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Peter Tarr
Wrote answer 17 November 2016

Hi Benji,

Thanks for the question. Here's a basic guide that we recently put up. This may help you along.
We also welcome anyone who has advanced methods to share or post their own guides, tips and ideas as well.

PPC PPV Money Making Basics

Rob Montgomery
Wrote answer 24 November 2016

But how do you use the apps from Appnext to promote on CPAlead? it seems you can only get people to promote your apps?

Jack Jones
Wrote answer 22 November 2016

I was charing $1.00 for this but im gonna give it for free. Its honestly too simple to charge for.


This is my guide to making REAL MONEY on PPC




To start off, I am not a regular publisher for CPALEAD and have done very little on the publisher side of things. This guide is for people who are ready to make some big money in media buying and advertising. As a publisher I maybe made $100. As an advertiser I have made more than $10k in profit on CPALEAD since October and a lot of money on many different media buys. This guide is going to focus on CPALEAD since its by far the easiest and I’ll explain why.

What makes CPALEAD an easy place to make money?

That part is easy. If you understand media buying and advertising your own ads then you know that your ROI is everything. That is how much money you make back for every dollar you spend. Obviously you need to look at things like cost per click but I’ll explain why that isn’t too big a deal.

1) Cost per click scares a lot of people and excites a lot of people but it shouldn’t. I find that outside of Adsense or maybe Facebook its really hard to know what kind of quality you are getting so a high or low CPC doesn’t mean much.

2) In the end, all that matters is your ROI return on investment. So even if you paid $100 for your traffic, if you get $200 returned then it’s a good thing and you made $100.

What else?

The big thing about CPALEAD is that its PPC system is new so the costs are very low. It’s a real time bidding system and when you are new, everything is cheap because its not even close to saturated so people aren’t bidding up the prices like they do at 50onred or leadimpact. CPALEAD is completely green right now and im making money in almost every GEO and every device.

Other people’s ads:

To make it even better, I know I’m getting a really high CTR on my ads compared to other people and I know why my ads stand out. I’ve seen other ads and it looks like its all just noobs going to different incentive networks like OGads or CPAGrip or Adworkmedia then taking those ads and putting them on CPALEAD. Whats crazy is that its working for some of them. Anyone who knows ANYTHING about media buying knows that OGAds, Grip and Adwork have crappy offers. I don’t mean that they suck for incentive but I mean incentive offers SUCK, all of them, no matter what network you get them from. The fact that people are making money on PPC running incentive offers is CRAZY! Now, I’m not suggesting you run something really strict like a leadgen offer since I haven’t tried that myself, but I am getting much better offers.

Here’s how you can take advantage:

Mobile Strategy

1) Sign up at a few places like AppNext, AppThis and StartApp.
2) Don’t be greedy. Once you get approved (you may need to lie or say you own an app or whatever), you will want to spread out your volume. I suggest finding about 5 offers for iOS and 5 for Droid from each network. Then set a $10 budget on each per day at CPALEADS.

3) Watch the money roll in. Other people will be running crappy CPI offers from places like OGAds which just rebrokers and pays 25% of what these real, direct, app companies pay. You’ll be making 4x as much per install.

Another tip: Don’t bother trying to use CPALEADS ads on their own system. Yes they have some good ones but that only matters if you are a publisher. For advertising on the PPC system they don’t allow you to use their offers on their PPC system anyhow and your account gets flagged. You have to use other network offers or your own offers so don’t waste your time.

Desktop Strategy:

1) Get direct advertisers. Places like share a sale and commission junction are great for purchase offers. Sign up at any network that can directly link you to a good offer. If you must sign up for an affiliate network in CPA then don't waste time with the incentive networks. Even CPALEAD since they wont let you use their offers on advertising. Go to networks like Peerfly, global wide media, max bounty, above all offers, and convert2media.

2) Dont be greedy on desktop either. Spread out your budget and split test every campaign. With mobile if you run an app then you end up using that app's image. But for desktop you can pick any image.

3) Keep testing. Test your campaign with different creative images and test it with different text.

4) Compare your results and stick with the ad that has the best ROI for you.

5) When you do well with an ad, remember details about it. What you did for the image creative, what kind of wording you used. That will help you next time you do it.

6) Spend bigger as you make more money.

Shameem Ahmmed
Wrote answer 19 November 2016

You can you Bing PPC for better result for CPA conversion 


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