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Guide for easy money earning - with this CPALead Method you can earn over 110$ per day in profit.
Asked 14 April 2017 by therazor

Answers: 13

Best answer
Tvoja Mama
Wrote answer 14 April 2017

With this CPALead Method you will learn how to make a lot of money with CPALead guaranteed payment per click and network that provide traffic for a great price.

How this works?

You buy traffic for let's say 0.05$ per click and you sell it to CPALead for 0.27$. So that's 0.22$ PROFIT per click. Let's say you will provide 500 clicks per day - that's 110$ per day almost without any work

This network can provide a lot of traffic (targeted - categories that you need) - in my experience about 1000 clicks per day = 220$ in profit per day. It's great money for doing almost nothing. That's about 6600$ in profit per month. That's over 400% ROI (return on investment).

What do you need to start using this method?

You need 50$ to invest into traffic source. But that's probably not problem because you will get these 50$ back first day. Follow steps.

- Go to a PPC network or Native Ad network (I suggest you this network (Referral link removed, add again and your account will be deleted)

- Create text campaign (or you can do also banner campaign - but you will need to create banner) - let's say we select text ad. Select categories that fit exclusive offers (for offer Suja Juice select categories like Health, Fitness, Food and Drink). Select desktop and mobile traffic only for United States.

- Wait few hours to campaign get approved and enjoy in money that you will make without effort. It's easy to make campaign even for begginers. For any questions about this CPALead Method you can ask me here.

*Admin I think you shouldn't have problem with this thread, because it's working and legal method. Potencial advertiser just need to know how to create campaign with corrent parameters (that's really easy). Suggest you to use banners to get more quality traffic. Use banners that present Suja Juice (if you take this offer), not any Download banners. Remember to select right categories for your offer. Advertiser want quality traffic, so make sure you provide great traffic - create banners related to offer. It's the easiest CPAlead method that you wil ever find.

Walter Anaba
Wrote answer 09 November 2017

It's very expensive that's really my problem. 

Wrote answer 09 November 2017

@Walterzingo , I make at least 400% ROI. Thanks

Walter Anaba
Wrote answer 09 November 2017

@coacedavid how much do you make for $350 investment?

Wrote answer 07 November 2017

Walterzingo, clicks is cheaper.  I make at least 400% return when I buy traffic from them.  Just that the minimum package is $350 which is way expensive but the return in undoubtedly high and very good.  I make lots of money with them. 

I refer my affiliates to them so I make more money from referral commission. 

Give it a trial. 


Walter Anaba
Wrote answer 05 November 2017

Coacedavid how much does site charge per click from the US? Is it cheaper? 

Cash Man
Wrote answer 03 November 2017


Buying clicks to CPAlead content locke will make you more money. You can buy cheap clicks here This traffic source delivers fast and most clicks are counted so you will make profit definitely. Do not use this traffic source for direct offer. Content locke offers are incentive so CPAlead has no problem with incentive traffic source for content locker

Wrote answer 03 November 2017

Hi guys,

I buy clicks from this website They deliver very fast and I make money from it.

I recommend this to all of you. You will make money from this 100% guaranteed

Walter Anaba
Wrote answer 23 October 2017

Hello @therazor does the method still work?

Walter Anaba
Wrote answer 13 September 2017

Hello does this method still works? I want to try this. Help. 

Tvoja Mama
Wrote answer 26 July 2017

I see guys you are little confused but I explained all. 

First you need to find some offer in CPAlead that is paying per click. Some offers pay about 0.25$ per click.

So you buy then clicks for like 0.05$ and send this clicks to your CPAlead and they pay you about 0.25$ per click.

About this 0.25$ per click - can be less or more, depends on offer they provide.

So you buy click for let's say 0.05$ and CPAlead pay you 0.25$ for it. You make 0.20$ per click (PROFIT).

You send like 100 clicks per days and that is 20$ profit per day without work. But you can send much more clicks.

You need to invest money in some traffic source to buy clicks. This method is safe but make sure you provide targeted traffic (select correct category).

Without investing money it's hard to make success online.

Referral link removed (Add the referral link one more time and your account will be deleted.)

Mehul Singh
Wrote answer 07 July 2017

Hi.. @therazor. Buddy am new here. What's the method/guide exactly? If am unable to see I guess. Can you plz quote it.

Rob Montgomery
Wrote answer 05 June 2017


I have a few of questions:

1. How do you sell the traffic back to CPALead, is it fixed at $0.27? 

2. The exclusive offers are the top offers or niche offers?

3. I have also read on other forums that other members have got banned on CPALead using this method?



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