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Shameem Ahmmed
Wrote answer 19 November 2016

Yes but you may face some problem when many publisher work in same niche because facebook record that tracking link like a spam link 

Wrote answer 07 November 2017

I am making killer income with this traffic source

It is working very well with content locker.  I make at least 400% return on investment 

Cash Man
Wrote answer 03 November 2017

The best place to buy clicks for CPAlead offers and get high return is

If you want to become a super affiliate at ones, use this service.

Ismail Pasha
Wrote answer 19 July 2017

Can some tell me what im doing wrong. I've promoted niches on facebook and twitter for 6 months but nobody reacts to it. The only commission i made was from directly texting people. That's unfair because as long as I been promoted on social media i've been looking like a fool making nothing. 6 months and only $9.68. no way.

Murshidy Mahamaud
Wrote answer 28 November 2016

no problem, becouse i know how to honestly managed there

Murshidy Mahamaud
Wrote answer 28 November 2016


Hamada  Oumghar
Wrote answer 24 November 2016

@ shameem143143 can we relate the offer with a free landing page ?

Abdullah Al Mamun
Wrote answer 18 November 2016




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